BIM For Co Luy Bridge – Quang Ngai

Co Luy Bridge is located in the coastal route of Dung Quat – Sa Huynh approved by the Prime Minister. This is a coastal route connecting Quang Ngai with Quang Nam and Binh Dinh provinces; from here to create a foundation and great opportunity to promote the development of coastal urban infrastructure, tourism development; promote, expand and develop urban space in Quang Ngai city towards the sea.

The bridge has 37 spans, the cable-stayed section includes 5 towers, 6 spans, of which 4 spans are 75 meters between each span. The total length of the bridge is 1,870 meters; the position of the northern bridgehead intersecting with Hoang Sa road (Dung Quat – Sa Huynh coastal road, My Khe – Tra Khuc section at Km38+125 Tinh Khe commune, Quang Ngai city); The southern bridgehead connects with Truong Sa road, in the territory of Nghia Phu commune, Quang Ngai city, shortening the travel distance between Tinh Khe and Nghia Phu communes from 20km to 2.5km.

VTCO is honored to have the opportunity to participate in the project as a BIM application consultant, helping to build accurate and detailed models of all parts of the bridge structure (reinforcement, waiting details), update information and progress on the model, with applicable contents including:

  • Project modeling.
  • Check for conflicts, optimize the design.
  • Simulation of construction methods, project perspective.
  • Prepare drawing documents, summarize the volume of components.
  • Update field information, warn of risks and build as-built models.
  • Transfer model for operation phase, connect data with monitoring and inspection system.

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