On the occasion of International Children’s Day last June 1, VT Group awarded the Young Talent Support Fund and scholarships to the children of employees working at the company. The Young Talents Scholarship Fund was established by VT Group from the very first days of its operation, with the goal of supporting staff and employees in life, and at the same time creating positive motivation for the children to strive for study. Whereby:

–  For employees with more than 2 years of working experience:

  • Children from birth to before grade 1: each child 1 million VND/year
  • Children from grade 1 to the end of university: 100% of tuition fees according to the level prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training

–  For employees with less than 2 years of working experience: each child will receive any gift

–  The children who achieved the title of Excellent at school level, district level (district), city, province, country… received an additional scholarship award from the board of directors.

Scholarship Award Ceremony 2017

The Young Talent Scholarship Award Ceremony is one of the annual events of VT Group, taking place on June 1 every year, including fun activities, entertainment and awarding for all employees’ children. It is also an opportunity for the children to meet their parents’ brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. This year, in the face of a complicated epidemic situation, the Board of Directors decided to stop celebrating activities like every year, awarding prizes through the parents of the children.

Award scholarships at the Office

Giving online gifts to employees in the blockade area

Hopefully, the small gift but containing a lot of thoughts and aspirations of the Board of Directors of VT Group will be a part of the motivation for the children to make more efforts in studying, cultivating and developing comprehensively both physically and mentally.

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