As a tradition has done for more than 10 years, every year on this day, all employees of VT Group take a break from our busy work and take a time – even a short one, to show respect to the teachers who have given us life, knowledge and a heart of tolerance and sharing.

In the welfare regimes in the Education segment, in addition to maintaining the Young Talent Fund (funding the entire tuition fee from kindergarten to the end of university for the children of employees working at the company), the Board of Directors of VT Group is also very interested in providing spiritual support to those who shoulder the noble “people-growing” career. Because among our staff, there are not only many former teachers/lecturers, or are still working in the education industry and supporting the company as advisors, but also a lot of employees’s parents are veteran teachers from all over the country.

In harmony with the nation’s good tradition of “revering the master, respecting the religion”, VT Group has given a small gift to the “boatmen”, as well as to express their gratitude for their contributions of fostering the young generation of the country, both inspires those who are in the teaching profession to feel more steadfast and passionate about the path they pursue, because we believe that: education is the key to success future.

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