As a member of the VT Group, VT-er, besides a stable job, enjoys special welfare regimes, improves experience and qualifications, not only has promotion opportunities, but also finds understand real estate, … but also have access to a comprehensive training regime in expertise as well as soft skills!

It can be said that taking care of training activities is one of the enthusiasms of the Board of Directors in the desire to bring opportunities, maturity, professional courage and a belief all of us will go further on the career path, happy in life. This is also a unique cultural feature of VT Group on the basis of core values: “Ethics, people, finance, technology”.

For that reason, training topics on Company Culture, Kaizen, 5S, 7S, construction manuals… are always focused on training by companies in the system. It is this activity that has gradually planted solid seeds for understanding and together build a culture of VT Group for customers, discipline and always upholding creativity.

In the first 6 months of 2021, with 290 courses, 3,447 trainees, 6,781 hours of training, ACE system has had access to 18 external training courses, 272 internal courses with a variety of topics from soft skills (communication crisis handling; communication and behavioral skills; project presentation methods…); professional skills (thematic Midas; Civil 3D; cost estimation; production process, design; soft soil treatment; experimental topics; programming topics…); Vocational skills (specializations on accounting Excel, human resource processes, etc.); professional seminars from the EPS workshop in building construction on soft ground; workshop to introduce UPVC manhole technology; Conference on Labor Law in Industry 4.0…; to seminars on real estate investment strategies; Vietnam National Brand Forum…

It is impossible not to mention the active training and sharing sessions of ACE VTCO on the 2nd floor, VTCO Him Lam branch; VTCO Hanoi branch; exciting online training sessions connecting Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh – Dong Nai – Central; there are also training sessions on the sunny and windy construction site of ACE, DDA Technology Joint Stock Company, Las 92 Company… It is these training sessions that are valuable opportunities for members to sharpen their expertise and absorb and update new knowledge. In addition, this is also an opportunity for members to understand each other, coordinate work better and learn a lot of other life skills!

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the lively and professional discussions of MEP team members with topics on lighting, power network, fire protection…; those are also scheduled sessions in 1.5h but “over” 2h, 3h of the Legal team & hand over with hot issues surrounding construction legal and related legal issues; are the active and very complete training sessions of the beautiful accounting team with a variety of professional topics to serve the work…

Although the epidemic situation is complicated, it has a great impact on training in the system, but the application of online technology in sharing and training step by step has been applied more and more effectively by teams; The sharing and exchange on the Facebook group learning community VT Training Hub is gradually being formed… and above all, believes that the spirit of curiosity and sharing of VT Group members will not stop promote the “training boat” to continue to sail and overcome the waves.


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