In harmony with the whole country to welcome spring, on the evening of January 26, 2022, VT Group held a year-end party to say goodbye to 2021 and congratulate the new year of 2022, with the presence of the Board of Directors and all employees. The party took place in the context that Ho Chi Minh City was gradually stabilizing the new normal in parallel with disease control, so all participants were given a quick test before the opening time of the party.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Giap on behalf of VTCO Branch Hanoi employees attended the party

The annual year-end is an opportunity for VT Group employees working in all regions of the country to have the opportunity to meet, exchange information about work and visit health and life; It is also an opportunity for employees and leaders to look back on the past year together, share successes and valuable lessons learned. This year’s party took place in an intimate, warm atmosphere, delicious food and drinks and fun performances, instead of gratitude from the Board of Directors to all employees who have made their best efforts for company development.

The representative of the Board of Directors of VT Group gave special thanks to all employees for a year of hard work and appreciated the efforts and contributions. of each individual to the collective success, honoring and awarding the best individuals/departments.

The Year-end 2021 program ended successfully with many echoes of the spirit of solidarity, work hard – play hard. Let’s do our best for an even more successful 2022. The Lunar New Year has come very close, we would like to send our best wishes to all employees.

Take a look at some memorable photos from the party:

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