Project Dam on the downstream of Tra Khuc River is designed with the idea of ​​the riverbank of Tra Khuc River, an indelible symbol of the people of Quang Ngai; is one of the key projects of the province invested in combination with many objectives: keeping water to create a reasonable water level rise, improving the climate environment, creating an urban landscape for Quang Ngai city.

The project started on July 2, 2019, with a total investment of about 1,498 billion VND, deployed on an area of ​​38.6 hectares. The project scale includes sluice gates including 19 compartments with a total width of 718.2m (11 compartments on the South bank, 08 compartments on the North bank), each compartment is 37.8m wide; has a flat valve gate operated up and down by a hydraulic cylinder system, which is automatically controlled by modern equipment; The valve gate system is controlled to open and close according to each actual condition and perform the blowdown function.

Surface overflow is designed in the style of Piano spillway, including 04 overflow chambers, arranged on both sides of 02 dam sections (each section of weir has 02 overflow chambers) with a total width of overflow chambers of 143.8m, of which 03 overflow chamber has a width of 37.2m and one overflow cavity has a width of 32.2m. Design a 5.0m wide fish path so that fishes in the river can move from upstream to downstream of the dam and vice versa. Bridges and roads with a total length of 1,396 m, of which the traffic bridge is 974.2 m long (the south bank is 549.80 m long, the north bank is 424.40 m long), the width of the bridge is 12.0 m.

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