Thu Thiem 4 Bridge has a simple but not monotonous shape of 1 arch span, thanks to a system of small V-shaped wide arch pipes combined with a system of undulating span pillars like a sinusoidal graph up and down, like a pair of wings to prepare to gather momentum to fly higher. The combination of light and shapes in the bustling urban space gives the impression not only of inanimate “waves” but also of “living” rhythms of the most modern city in Vietnam, the rhythm of 300 years of history connecting the past – present, the pace of the times changes to keep up with the steps of humanity: huge data streams, variable biological ADN helixes, … A most modern design, Thu Thiem 4 archways in the future is probably not only a pure traffic work, but also an architectural highlight – a welcome gate to the new Thu Duc city, for a dynamic Thu Thiem new urban area of ​​science and technology.

The main arch of the Thu Thiem 4 bridge is designed to be boldly crossed while maintaining “perfect balance”. Instead of horizontal or vertical symmetry as common bridge options, the arrangement of the bridge plan along the Z axis helps traffic users to observe the curvature of the arch even while moving on the bridge, not just when remote observation. The author’s idea comes from the creation of many new and different perspectives, each vantage point gives a new and interesting dome image with different emotions, not boring.

With the demand of building Thu Thiem 4 bridge into a symbol of “Knowledge, Science and Modernity”, the author has carefully considered shaping factors, including: line elements, array elements, and cubes, material elements, surface elements, space elements are all towards minimalism, health and dynamism. The combination of shapes creates a contour element for the bridge: minimizing soft curves or complex patterns, but creating rhythmic flexibility from the straight lines and strokes.

The overall pattern is a 1-arch bridge, however, replacing the large and coarse arch as usual with a system of arch pipes consisting of many small, slender pipes forming a simple, elegant but extremely solid looking structure; This is also one of the unique highlights of Thu Thiem 4. The bridge layout is divided into 5 blocks of space:

1/ The basic block of the arch combined with the extension of the railing is used to rest and enjoy the magnificent landscape.
2/ Dome body block
3/ Suspension cable-stay system
4/ Lead-span cylinder block
5/ Riverfront Park block

Material and surface elements: the bridge uses composite coated steel pipes with cool tones, outstanding in natural light during the day and easy to catch light at night. The light from each small dome creates a large halo on the common dome system, combining the forming and shading effects of the tube system to create a special visual impression when the whole tube system changes color, promising good treatment to people the most vibrant light parties, true reflections of “the rhythm of Era, Time, and Urban life”. The leading span system does not follow the path, but is designed differently from the frame system, forming undulating spans, creating curves from strong and modern straight blocks.

In terms of function: conveying the entire mission of the architectural designer is to bring happiness to all people, to road users; Observers from the park on both sides of the bridge, from the stairs leading to the park exit or to the marina. The harmony between water music and light, combined with visual and auditory enjoyment, creates an indelible impression.

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