Result of Architectural Design Competition for Bridge Crossing Co Co River

On the morning of September 6, 2019, the People’s Committee of Dien Ban town held a ceremony to announce the results and award prizes for the architectural design competition for bridges across Co Co river, section passing Dien Ban.

Co Co Bridge Architectural Design Competition with the participation of many units, of which three main units received awards including: VTCO Investment Company Limited, Ho Chi Minh City Public Works Traffic Consulting Joint Stock Company Chi Minh and E&R Technical Consulting Company – Hanoi.

VTCO is honored to be the only unit to win all three bridges: Thon Bridge 3 (Third prize – no first prize or second prize), Bai Rong Bridge 1 (Second prize – no first prize), Bai Rong Bridge 2 (No first prize). Third – there is no first or second prize. Based on the experience and professional skills, VTCO’s team of engineers drew sketches and created models to realize the design ideas for all three bridges above.

Dien Ban – A spiritual land of outstanding people located between two old and new cities, Hoi An and Da Nang, where the Co Co River connecting the front port of Da Nang with the commercial port of Hoi An is considered like a strip of silk spread across the Ngu Hanh. Paint. The Co Co River connects Da Nang – Dien Ban – Hoi An and with the goal of developing a river tourism route on this river, finding solutions to design bridges with unique and suitable architectural styles is important. with the people and cultural history here. Each bridge comes from different ideas but ultimately still aims at the common goal of connecting motorized traffic, harmonizing architecture and urban structure, outlining the characteristics of Dien Ban land, meeting Responding to demands for foreign rewards and travel.


With the idea of stylizing the image of a flying Stork, it symbolizes the image of Dien Ban people who are diligent, compassionate, and hard-working, wanting to rise and assert themselves. Structural solution: The bridge is designed with a main arch spanning a span of 90m. The arch structure uses concrete-filled steel pipes.


Bai Rong 1 Bridge’s design is based on the image of Ngu Phung Te Phi – this image is clearly depicted with the stylized image of the tower body formed from 5 Phoenix birds with the spirit of solidarity united to bring Dien Ban developed. Five Phoenix birds flew together towards the ocean. With the hope that Dien Ban will increasingly develop and become rich and strong, on par with big cities in the region.

Structural solution:
– The span diagram of the bridge is: 45m+45m+90m+45m+45m
– The bridge is designed with a main span of 1 tower combined with two-plane cable-stayed cable over a span of 90m, with a cable-stayed tower 54m high.
– The bridge uses Super T beams


With the design idea of “THE GOOD LAND OF THE BIRD”, Dien Ban is the land of outstanding people, the birthplace and convergence of many talented people of the country such as the talented Ngu Phung Te Phi, Hero Nguyen Van Troi, Nha Chien. Scholar Tran Quy Cap, Scholar Hoang Dieu……

Structural solution:
– The bridge is designed with a main arch spanning a span of 90m.
– Dome structure uses concrete-filled steel pipes

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