VTCO Designs the Railing of Nghia Tu Bridge Across Co Co River (Quang Nam)

The People’s Committee of Quang Nam province has just signed Decision No. 783/QD-UBND on approving the investment project to build Nghia Tu Bridge, crossing Co Co River, Dien Ban town, with a total investment of 315 billion VND from the source. Provincial budget capital, with implementation period from 2022 to 2025.

The project investment scale includes building an additional unit to the left of the existing Nghia Tu bridge unit, with a width of 12.5 m including 0.25 m barrier, 10.5 m carriageway and 1.75 m wide. m railings and sidewalks. The bridge width after combining the two units is 26 m including 21 m of vehicle carriageway, 2 m of median strip and 3.5 m of railings and sidewalks. The road at both ends of the bridge according to regional urban road standards has a design speed of 50 km/h, with a cross section of 27.0 m = 15.0 m (road surface) + 2 x 6.0 m (sidewalk). Total length is 1,072.89 m, of which the main bridge is 189.2 m long, permanent scale with a design life of 100 years.

With flexible design thinking and many years of experience participating in architectural competitions, VTCO’s perspective of Nghia Tu bridge railing was selected for implementation by the Provincial People’s Committee. The bridge railing is decorated with 100 cranes, a bird with a lucky meaning second only to the phoenix, symbolizing immortality and sustainability, combined with stone/patterned concrete materials.

In addition, the crane decorative motif also implies welcoming guests from far away, consistent with the purpose of building Nghia Tu bridge, which is to promote economics, culture and tourism between the two cities, connecting services and facilities. Modern infrastructure of Da Nang with unique traditional identity of Hoi An.

In particular, the plan is considered a gift from VTCO staff to all local people, contributing to improving infrastructure and promoting regional development.

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