Can Gio Bridge: Simulates the image of the typical mangrove tree of Can Gio land

Can Gio – a long-standing land associated with the 300-year history of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, famous for its characteristic mangrove forests, will now soon be able to go straight without a ferry thanks to Can Gio Bridge – a cable-stayed bridge spanning Soai Rap River, a tributary of the Saigon River.

Located near the seaport, the main span of Can Gio Bridge is nearly 600m long, the span exceeds 350m, the clearance for boats is up to 55m high, the bridge width is 24.5-30m designed for 6 lanes. car. It can be said that the scale of Can Gio bridge belongs to the group of bridges of international stature! The design idea is based on the image of the Mangrove tree (the immortal symbol of Sac forest – Can Gio), the high foundation system simulates the characteristic roots of this tree species, very durable against waves and the sea. The impressive and elegant beauty of Can Gio Bridge coordinates harmoniously with the four towers of Binh Khanh and Phuoc Khanh bridges, creating an undulating system like five five-element mountains. The number of tower pillars belongs to the “Birth” palace, in which the tallest Can Gio bridge tower corresponds to the Wood element in the five elements Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, symbolizing fertility.

The bridge is designed with impressive lighting, simulating the hours according to the ancient Asian calendar; The 2-layer wavy railing not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also functions as a wind blocker for motorcyclists. The bridge has a welcome gate that opens to the gateway to the world biosphere garden protected by UNESCO, has a viewing platform, and an elevator system to the top of the tower with superior views: to the East overlooking Dong Nai; The West – Southwest covers Long An and Nha Be; To the south, you can fully admire the Can Gio beach connecting the East Sea.

With the advantage of a spectacular height of 230m and a bridge direction along the North-South axis, 1/3 of the high cable section above is specially colored by the author, with the purpose of taking advantage of light to create a rainbow effect at dawn. and sunset, catching sunlight through slits and blocks with absolute sophistication. Can Gio Bridge is expected to start construction in 2024. After inauguration, it will, along with the 108-storey New Can Gio tower, become a famous high point for organizing major events such as fireworks displays or light shows that everyone knows.

The selection contest “Architectural design plan for Can Gio Bridge – Ho Chi Minh City” was held on July 3, 2018, for companies and construction design practitioners, especially Specially knowledgeable in the field of road and bridge traffic, competent, reputable, and has practical experience. Overcoming 17 plans from 5 units, the plan that won first prize exceeded 89 points compared to the second-ranked test according to the prescribed scale, and was unanimously recommended by the council as the method to implement the investment project. Construction of Can Gio bridge.

It can be said that the design of Can Gio Bridge has met 3 goals: towards happiness (developing the idea from a simple symbol, close to both the designer, the constructor and the user); Aiming for harmony (yin and yang, round and straight, sun, wind and water, sound and lighting, flat and slanted, colors, all moderate and consistent) and minimalism – design as no design.

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